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15+ genetic markers positioned in proprietary combinations matched to specific skin ageing categories that play a role in skin protection, premature aging and determining future outcomes of our skin.

DNA Database

Worlds first and largest derma-genetics database. With more than 100,000+ customers (and growing) tested from dozens of populations around the world.

Proprietary Algorithms

After years of on going development, SkinDNA algorithms are the core of the company. Our algorithms are what helps us to make sense of your data and create results that you can easily understand

Lifestyle Data

Skin Aging is not just genetics, your environment plays a role too. SkinDNA utilises real-time lifestyle data to help investigate using our proprietary DNA-Lifestyle link.

Our DNA Database
More than 6,400,000 DNA Data points collected from thousands of population wide samples of various ethnic groups. Stored entirely in-house, SkinDNA is leading the way in Dermal DNA Science.

The Collaboration of geneticists, cosmetic physicians, skin scientists, and volunteer study participants commenced their work in 2006 with two principle objectives: (1) To identify the genetic factors that contribute to age-related changes in the skin; and (2) to identify actionable pathways available for each of those genetic factors in order to help each and every individual worldwide preserve a more youthful looking skin.

Our privately funded research profiled the action of more that 6800 genes and – using genome wide association studies – we discovered more than 200 abnormal gene traits in the form of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) implicated in the health and wellbeing of our skin. Most significant was the prevalence of some of these SNPs and the effect that had on the skin.

With over 8 years of research, our company pioneered the worlds first and largest derma genetics database – our most significant achievement to date, with more than 100,000+ customers tested from hundreds of population wide samples.


Global Customer

Learning about you

Real-time Lifestyle Data

Skin Aging is not just genetics. SkinDNA utilises real-time lifestyle data to help investigate our proprietary DNA-Lifestyle link

Our software is able to utilize this information in conjunction with your DNA and our proprietary algorithms to highlight the skins strengths and weaknesses.

Our Proprietary Algorithms

Your 10 page SkinDNA Report contains useful information about your results. Simple to understand, and created by skin experts with years of experience in the skin care industry.


About Your SkinDNA™ Score

After your DNA data is analysed, a user friendly report is specially tailored to you based on our proprietary DG-Theorem™ statistical algorithms.

The DG-Theorem™ statistical algorithms are then utilised to recommend ingredients and services which are best matched to the individuals genetic makeup. The recommendations are based on our years of our science and skin industry experience. Our experience is unmatched.


But why do I need to take this test?

If you are overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what’s best for your skin’s health and future. If you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin.

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