What kind of skin do we have? Understanding the types of skin and how to care for them

How many skin types are there? We have 5 types of skin in general: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Knowing the type of skin gives you the knowledge of how to treat face acne, acne, dry skin and skin cleansing. Skin types are usually based on genetics, but our daily habits and behavior with our skin and environmental conditions affect skin type changes. Read this article to the end for a look at how to diagnose skin type at home, care for oily and sensitive skin or other types of skin and treat allergies.
To know the types of skin, you must first forget about everything you heard before – the words your hairdresser said, the words you read on social networks, or the words your old friend told you. Because they might confuse you with these words or just promote their products.

Skin Type Detection Method

You can try one of two ways to determine the type of skin in your home:

The first method

First, thoroughly clean your face with a gentle facial cleanser and dry the towel with a few gentle strokes. Leave your face on for 30 minutes and do not use any other creams or creams during this time or even touch your skin. After the first 30 minutes of the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin look closely to see if they shine. Wait another 30 minutes, now how do you feel in different parts of the skin? Especially when laughing or raising eyebrows; if you feel dry and tired, your skin should be dry. If only parts like your forehead, nose and chin are very shiny, you have blended skin and if you are less shiny you have normal skin. If your cheeks are shiny like other parts, you have oily skin.

The second method

This method shows the difference between oily and non-oily skin. After cleansing the skin with a soft towel, just gently remove the excess water. (No towels on the skin and just gentle strokes) Then wait for 1 to 2 minutes and do not apply any cream, lotion, facial toner, or serum. Now apply the clean paper towels to the different parts of the face, respectively. Use a separate napkin for each face area and check the paper napkins each time in the light. If the napkin has oily spots, the skin is oily. If it is not greasy then it has dry skin. If all the napkins are greasy or light yellow, your skin is greasy. But if only some of the napkins, such as the forehead or nose, were greasy and the other part had only a handful of moisture, your skin is blended or normal. Be careful to distinguish fat spots from moisture spots.
Each skin type has its own needs and behaviors, and of course they need their attention.

Normal skin

بهترین پوست

This skin type is neither oily nor dry. Normal skin is rarely oily, and it can be easily eliminated if it does. Regarding the size of ordinary pores, it should be noted that this type of skin has small pores that are not easily seen and rarely open and prominent. Normal skin is rarely shiny and also less matte or peeled. People with normal skin often have slight facial wrinkles and the skin color of different areas of the face is the same, without blotches.

Don’t worry if your skin type is normal but you sometimes have subcutaneous facial pimples or scars! Your skin type has not changed. With proper skin care products and proper skin care habits, your skin will return to normal after a while, and it will become even brighter and healthier in the future. Having normal skin does not mean having perfect skin! Even normal skin sometimes boils, becomes dry, or has other skin problems. The skin changes over time as well, which means that those who have the best skin currently may have common skin problems in the future, such as pregnancy, menopause and sunburn, skin aging and wrinkles. Face. If your hormone levels change for any reason, or you use cosmetics that your skin is sensitive to, you may have acne and acne.

Men and women with normal skin types should use a variety of cosmetic products that do not make their skin too greasy, as well as products that dry out their skin. If you take good care of your skin well, that is, always clean your skin daily with face cleansers, apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen and of course sunscreen, you do not have to worry about skin problems.

dry skin


پوست خشک

If you have dry skin you will most likely feel a stretch in your skin. You may also see red spots and scaling of your skin in different areas. Those with dry skin usually do not see pores easily and usually develop facial wrinkles, tenderness and itching earlier than others.

What causes dry skin?

The cause of dry skin can be many factors. For some people, dry skin can be hereditary. Genetic abnormalities can affect the secretion of fat from the skin glands. The skin’s natural fat, the English name Sebum, is responsible for the softness and flexibility of the skin. The sensation of dry skin elongation or other features and symptoms of skin types is not just limited and can spread throughout the body. When the weather, nutrition or behavior of the skin changes, the skin of the face and body shows dryness. Back dryness is one of the annoying symptoms of dry skin

Eczema and itching of the face and body skin can be a side effect of dry skin that appears at all ages.

The importance of moisturizing and hydrating for dry skin


کرم نرم کننده

Choose a moisturizing cream for dry skin that brings freshness and freshness to the skin. The dry skin softening cream should contain nutrients and hydration to compensate for lost moisture. Regularly apply morning and night cream on cleansed skin to control the moisture content of the skin. It is important to maintain and maintain a consistent skin care routine.

Use mild cosmetics to cleanse the skin. Avoid alcohol, perfume, and essential oils because they can dry and irritate the skin. Soap-free products can dry out your skin. Try replacing body shampoo and non-soap pen with liquid soap, body shampoo and bath soap. Try to use gloves when working with cleaning agents. Cream, oil and ointment perform better on dry skin than lotions. If the weather in your area is warm, dry or cold and dry, use a home-made steam and humidifier throughout the seasons.

greasy skin


مراقبت از پوست چرب و حساسPeople with oily skin types usually complain of glossy facial skin, acne and acne.

What is the cause of oily skin?

If you are also one of those with oily skin, you may be wondering why the skin becomes oily and what is the treatment for oily skin? The cause of oily skin can be both hereditary and hormonal changes at different ages. Those who are hereditary and genetically highly active in the pores of their skin will automatically produce more natural fat. An increase in the amount of hormones secreted in the body indicates an overproduction of androgens, both in women and in men.

Androgen production has a direct effect on the production of sebum (natural skin fat). As the amount of fat production in the skin increases, the pores of the skin become larger and the subcutaneous pimples and granules increase. Oily skin is highly prone to pimples, acne and blackheads. The pores of oily skin are usually more visible than other types of skin, due to their larger size. Oily skin is usually shiny than other skin types and may cause your makeup to shrink earlier.

Oily Skin Care

اسکراب صورت

There are many products for oily skin that are guaranteed to get rid of oily skin, such as acne remedies that have very strong ingredients. But the use of these products can have a worse impact. The substances that dry the oily skin actually only stimulate it to produce and excrete more fat on the surface of the skin.

It is important that the oily skin is controlled and mildly exfoliated because more fat production can be due to dead skin. Don’t go for a facial cleanser or strong makeup or strong fibers! On the contrary, you should use products that are a mild peel, such as mild peel masks or soft facial fibers. Avoid moisturizing and hydrating creams, all skin types require moisturizing and hydrating. But you should use non-greasy moisturizing cream and use cleansing water and toner instead of cleansing milk and cleansing oil. To balance face fat. Cleansing the facial skin can be very effective in removing skin fat and reducing facial pimples.

Do not touch your face

People who have oily skin enjoy manipulating and squeezing their facial pimples, but not only that, but even touching the face can worsen acne and facial pimples and even cause pimples. A touch of facial skin makes it greasy and hand bacteria on the face that can easily wipe the face!

Combination skin


پوست ترکیبی

Combination skins consist of two or more different skin types. In this case, parts of the face usually become dry and skin-like and other parts oily and shiny. In many cases, people confuse their skin with dry or oily skin because of these symptoms, which is wrong. Combined or mixed skin is the most common type of skin for men and women and it is more difficult to care for. The skin often has a greasy, glossy appearance on the T-shaped face (forehead and nose) and chin. These areas of the facial glands are more active than other areas of the face, such as the cheeks. Having dry skin and oily skin at the same time means that you need to take special care of your skin; daily habits and use of cosmetics that increase the fat of the oily areas and the dry areas of the skin. Do not

Go for natural ingredients

People who have combination skin usually find the health products with chemicals too strong. Like products containing benzoyl peroxide, which can dry out the skin and increase the activity of the fat glands in the oily areas of the skin. Instead, products with natural extracts such as cucumber, green tea and chamomile can provide the moisture needed to the skin, while not irritating and soothing the skin.

People with mixed skin, like those with dry skin, should not go for cosmetics that have fragrances because both of these substances destroy the skin’s natural moisture. Instead, use products with no-Alcohol natural extracts.

Do not forget the cleansing of the skin and the importance of moisturizing!


پوست ترکیبی

Like oily skin and dry skin, it is also necessary to cleanse the combination skin. With a gentle cleansing and gentle scrub, you can regularly make sure to remove dead skin cells from the pores of the skin so that fat and contamination inside the pores of the skin are not locked.

Skin moisturizing is important but finding a moisturizer that is suitable for both dry and oily skin is a difficult task, so we suggest using two different types of moisturizers throughout the day, a moisturizer for Dry areas with strong hydration and nutrients and an oil-free moisturizer for oily areas


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