7 Cool Things You Don’t Know About Skin

Did you know that the texture and appearance of your skin can reveal different secrets to you? Skin care takes an hour, so skin care training is very important. Now let’s take a look at some interesting things you probably didn’t know about your skin
1. Exercise helps prevent wrinkles

Regular exercise can help increase skin collagen production by removing toxins from the body, which in turn helps maintain healthy and radiant skin. With regular exercise, wrinkles can be prevented.
2. Increasing age and aging of the skin
There is definitely a difference in skin texture because your skin texture differs from that of a baby. Do you know why? This is because at your age, the skin is dehydrated
3. Skin is damaged before the age of 18

Your skin can actually be damaged by the age of 18. The skin is affected by about 50-60% due to various factors such as acne, aging spots or even sun spots.
4. Skin tissue can have health problems

If your skin is very dry, it is due to hormonal imbalances in the body. If the skin is dark on certain parts of the body, it may be due to a deficiency of iron or vitamin. Therefore, the texture of your skin can indicate a problem in the body

5. Similar color

Did you know that everyone, including you, has similar skin colors? There is an increase or decrease of color under the skin
6. Massage can help the skin

Massage helps relieve body pain. Skin massage works wonders for the skin. Continuous facial massage is useful for stimulating skin cells, which in turn helps to increase skin collagen production. As a result, the skin becomes younger and better
7. Infected hands can damage the skin

Your hands have millions of bacteria. If you get used to touching your face regularly, it can cause skin rash. Applying on the skin without hand washing causes bacteria to enter the skin. Clean hands play an essential role in skin care and health.

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