How to have smooth skin?

Acne on the face can be frustrating. Most people resort to various products to get rid of these acne. In this article, we are going to introduce a professional tip to get rid of acne. With these tips you will be able to have a smooth and beautiful face and be more confident in the social environment.

skin Cleaning:
Always wash your face before bedtime: Are you also one of those people who don’t wash their faces while sleeping? So you have to start working today. When you’re very tired and can’t get up, just use a regular cleaner and a paper towel.
Do not forget the cleanser: Wash your face with a small amount of cleanser for 1 to 2 seconds. This can eliminate the contamination and grease on the skin.
Use lukewarm water when washing your face: Very hot water will dry your skin. Cold water also prevents the pores from opening.
Be gentle with your face: Severe scrubbing of the face can damage the skin and make it red. Don’t fight with your face. Skip hard scrubs and use soft towels. Using stiff towels can irritate your skin. Instead, you can get help. Make sure your hands are perfectly clean. Otherwise, you will return the contaminants and fats back to the skin.
Try the cleanser first on hand: this will activate the ingredients. So it will be more effective when applied to the face.
Don’t forget the morning wash: Hair styling products are absorbed by the pillow and then transferred to the skin. If these substances are not washed off during waking, they can block the pores of the skin.
Use cleansing brushes: Sometimes, even after washing, the makeup will remain on the face, causing damage to the skin. Use peeling brushes with cleansing lotions. This will remove any residual makeup. The brush is able to penetrate deeper layers of skin.
Avoid over-washing: If you feel your skin is still oily, try pore-reducing lotions instead of re-washing.
Exfoliate: This trick is used to remove dead skin cells and impurities that block pores, giving the skin a lively and natural glow. Products containing alpha hydroxy and lactic acid can exfoliate gently on the skin

Wash your face first and then exfoliate: When you want to wash your face, first use a gentle facial cleanser to cleanse the skin. Then gently massage the peel on the face. This may be time-consuming, but before peeling, the skin must be cleaned to penetrate deeper into the skin.
Activate the wash cycle: the residual cleanser on the face equals the contamination and the remaining grease on the face. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to feel clean and soft.
Peel under the shower: Steam can help open the pores.
Dry your skin slowly: rubbing your face can be the wrong way to dry it.
Combat Acne With A Three-Step Approach: If you have acne, your dermatologist recommends combating these acne with a three-step approach: Salicylic acid cleanser, benzoyl peroxide treatment, and daily use of acne Humidifier.
Unblock pores with natural remedies: Make a home-made strawberry mask with strawberries at home. Strawberries are a natural peel. This combination helps soften the bumps and open the pores. Combine equal amounts of crushed strawberries with plain yogurt. Apply the mixture on smooth skin and allow it to stand for 1 to 2 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. Use non-alcohol toner and moisturizer.
Use Clay Mask: Its ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and can clear bacteria and excess fats. It is a good peeling material and it opens its pores.
Keep everything simple: Using different products can irritate the skin.
Avoid Welding Cracks: Cracking can cause infection and make it worse. Instead, apply sulfur-containing remedies to the areas you want. This will reduce inflation.
Get help from a dermatologist: If home remedies are not effective, consult a dermatologist. Meeting with a doctor can be very helpful.
Carefully use existing creams: Products containing benzoyl peroxide are great in combating pimples but can dry out the skin. That’s why you should only use them once a day. If it causes dry or irritated skin, it is best to use a lighter formula. These ingredients help you get rid of dirt and grease on the skin without drying the skin. Salicylic acid in creams, gels, masks less than benzoyl peroxide causes dry skin.
Try Oatmeal Treatment: If your face has severe acne, try simple home remedies. Cook the oats on the box as directed. Allow to cool and then add lemon juice and eggs. Put the mixture on acne and let it stay overnight. Antioxidants in oats reduce swelling. However, the property of lemon acid kills bacteria. The vitamin E in the egg causes the skin to harden.

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Prevention of acne

Preventing Acne:
Don’t wait for acne to get worse: If you feel acne on your face don’t wait for it to flare. You can prevent acne by using a small layer of benzoyl peroxide or applying it before bedtime. It kills any bacteria that cause acne.
Washing Out Causes of Acne: Make sure you brush your makeup brush regularly with a proper detergent or baby shampoo. If you use makeup sponges, discard them and get fresh sponges. These tools can accumulate bacteria and cause acne. Dirty brushes can infect your skin.
Keep your hair away: Fats, contaminants and products that you apply to your hair can be applied to the skin and close the pores. Keep your hair clean and try to remove it from the face.
Take care of your skin: If you want to have great skin, you need to take care of it regularly. Don’t wait for the miracle. You need to wait if you want the detergents to work properly. Starting a skin care program does not mean seeing results quickly. Give your schedule time.
Use a moisturizer: Treatments for acne can dry out the pimples and the rest of the face. Therefore, it is advisable to use oil-free moisturizers with sunscreen to keep your skin soft. Use lean material.
Manage your care: Gently apply toners, moisturizers and cosmetics to the skin.
Use SPF daily: Sunscreens aren’t just for summer. Your skin needs sunshine to protect it from winter sun. These days there are sunscreens for every skin type. Look for a moisturizer with SPF.
Keep oil absorbent sheets in your bag: Use these when you are out and about.
Use toner: Use the right toner for your skin. To get rid of excess fats and contaminants, dip the cotton in the toner and apply on the skin.

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